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Red Star Talisman Online [Aug. 9th, 2010|03:24 am]
MMORPG Addiction


Hey guys, don't know if you've played Talisman Online before, but it's a pretty good game. It's a 3D mmorpg set in a world like ancient china, 5 classes, pets, mounts...and it runs on low spec computers. These guys made a really nice private server, so if you're interested try it out. :)


Rates are x15 Exp, x20 energy, x50 item drop, and the gms are really nice. Thery do events just about every day, like monster invasions, gm pk, random trivia, hide and seek. Its new so there's like only 80 people so far, so come be some of the first on the server and invite your friends so we can all play!